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What: FREE Class May 24, Breathing Exercises for Inner Peace

Where: 5775 Peachtree Dunwoody Road Suite C200 Atlanta 30342

View a map with directions at this link.

When: Wednesday, May 24 at 7:30 p.m.

Cost: FREE

Who: Yoga Teacher Catherine Carrigan and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Meredith Knight

What you will learn: Eight Minutes to Inner Peace, a simple routine of breathing exercises you can do anytime, anywhere to reduce anxiety, depression, OCD, panic attacks, high blood pressure, COPD, increase your personal energy, decrease cravings for cigarettes, build your athletic stamina, balance the two hemispheres of your brain, prepare for tests or interviews and clear your mind for meditation.

Who can benefit:

Anyone suffering from anxiety

People fighting depression

High blood pressure patients

Those with impaired breathing, such as COPD

Chronic fatigue sufferers

Cigarette and cigar smokers who are getting ready to quit

Endurance athletes, such as bikers, runners and triathletes

Creative people who need to use both sides of their brain



Anyone wanting to learn how to reduce their stress with natural healing

“Our breath is literally the link between our mind and body,” says Catherine Carrigan.

“Many people are surprised to discover how quickly they can change their internal state with breathing exercises.

“These exercises are simple to use and easy to learn.

“By learning these exercises, you can take advantage of natural healing methods practiced all over the world.

“You can learn how to make yourself feel better anytime, anywhere.”

Catherine Carrigan has taught yoga in Atlanta for 21 years. Her mastery of the yogic techniques of pranayama has led her to teach these breathing exercises to a wide range of clients.

You can watch the videos on how to do these videos at this link.

Read an introduction to pranayama at this link.

Learn how to use these breathing exercises to overcome a panic attack at this link.

Find out how to inhale properly for better energy at this link.

Discover how exhaling properly can lower your blood pressure at this link.

Become a happier person by circular breathing at this link.

Find out how to clear stuck emotions with bellows breath at this link.

Build your endurance with breath of fire at this link.

Increase your creativity and ace tests by practicing alternate nostril breathing at this link.

Clear your overactive mind with bumblebee breath at this link.

Experience serenity with ocean breath at this link.

Improve your ability to access a meditative mind state with pranayama at this link.

Questions? Call Catherine Carrigan at 678-612-8816 or email catherine@unlimitedenergynow.com. There’s no need to register – simply show up.

We will provide personalized instruction, answer your questions and give you a FREE handout that you can take with you to practice these wonderful breathing exercises at home.

Catherine Carrigan is the author of 7 books, including 5 books about natural healing. Her recent Amazon No. 1 bestseller Unlimited Energy Now explained how to use these breathing exercises to overcome exhaustion and increase energy.

Her other books include:


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