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In my kitchen, I have three primo health-nut appliances, each of which I strongly recommend:

  • Blendtec Wildside Blender
  • Kitchenaid Blender
  • Breville Juicer

I alternate between making:

  • Biodetox shakes in the Kitchenaid Blender
  • Juices with the Breville Juicer
  • Smoothies with the Blendetc

These various health concoctions take differing amounts of time.

What can you throw together in 2 minutes of less when you want a high-energy infusion of phytochemicals and antioxidants without the mess of a cleanup?

Here’s where my Fast and Furious High Energy Juice comes in.


Half a bag of chopped kale

16 ounces of tart cherry juice blend from Trader Joe’s (a blend of tart cherry with plum, pear, apple and grape juice)

How to do this:

Throw it all in a blender (either the Blendtec or a basic Kitchenaid blender) and whirl.

Makes 2.5 huge glasses of health juice.

What’s so great about this juice?

  1. It’s fast and furious for those mornings when you really actually don’t have the time for anything more complicated. You blend the juice, pour it into two glasses and put the blender jar in the dishwasher. Zap!
  2. Kale is the second healthiest food on the planet after No. 1 spinach. My 55-year-old eyes like the lutein and zeaxanthin in kale. High in Vitamins K,A and C. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, alkalizing and great for detoxification.
  3. Cherry juice fights arthritis, gout and is good for raising your melatonin levels so you can have deeper sleep at night.
  4. You drink the pulp as well as the juice, so you are taking in all the phytochemicals, which are found in the fiber.

When you need extra energy for your day but don’t have time to make a more elaborate juice or smoothie, give your body what it needs with this fabulous recipe.

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