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“Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a xxx sharp knife to it.”


Banksy, the street artist

Hammer Curl Seated On Ball

Hammer Curl Seated On Ball

I have to admit, I hate math.


I was always very good at it in school, in fact, but I was that troubling A student in the calculus class who would raise my hand at the end of the day and ask, “Why am I doing this?”


Now that I am a medical intuitive, kinesiologist, yoga and qi gong teacher, fitness and nutrition coach, I look back and that question greatly amuses me.


Even though I am not doing calculus problems to amuse myself, taking math class taught me one very important thing.


You have to do the inner math in life.


Doing the inner math, to me, means taking the time to figure out the really important things: how to work in a way that makes you happy, how to be slim and healthy without starving or over exercising.


Failing to do the inner work of sorting yourself out in key areas of life leads to years if not decades of inner struggle, even if everything happens to look all good on the surface for the moment.


There are several issues in particular where I believe women must do the inner math.


These include whether or not you are going to have children. The math here is what do you want to gain versus what you foresee you may have to give up.


Another issue is your relationship with food. Are you going to struggle the rest of your life over every calorie, every fat gram, or are you going to do the inner math and figure out how to be deeply at peace each time you walk by the refrigerator?


Another is your relationship with your body. How comfortable do you want to feel with yourself come bathing suit season, when you are trying on a party dress, or, quite simply, when you are sitting at your desk at work and your back is screaming with aches and pains?


What stops many people from figuring out the answers to these questions is small-minded thinking arising out of limited beliefs.


If you think the answer is impossible, you won’t even try. If you think your solution might be difficult, you may give a stab every now and again and then give up, reinforcing your bad attitude.


Let’s take a mundane example.


Let’s say you would like to lose 10 lbs. Fair enough. Good goal. So far, no problem.


But then let’s say you have a belief that you can only lose weight if you join a boot camp, the most extreme fitness experience.


Then let’s say you go to boot camp, injure your back, your knees or your shins, or you discover that your adrenals are so burned out from years of stress the whole experience leaves you completely exhausted.


Then your beliefs will have done you in.


Your box is the problem.


Here is my solution.


For every health or fitness challenge you think you have, think of 20 possible ways that you might actually be willing to solve it. Do the research. Find out what other people say on the subject. For example, you could read the years of newsletters on my website, listen to years of my free radio shows, or download my free recipes or watch my free exercise videos.


At the end of the day, however, you are going to have to pick ways of solving your problem that you might actually be willing to do.


Here are a few examples. These are actual examples of solutions that have worked for countless clients, so feel free to copy and add to your own list.


20 Ways You Can Lower Your Blood Pressure:


Take up yoga class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Join qi gong class on Wednesdays.

Study tai chi.

Get the HeartMath computer program and spend 5 to 10 minutes a day doing biofeedback training to learn how you can control your own EKG.

Get Catherine to check your breathing and learn how to exhale properly.

Fix your kidneys. Ask Catherine about herbs that help.

Find out what is making you so angry. Anger drives up systolic blood pressure.

Take an anger management class.

Drink more water.

Find out what is making you so anxious. Anxiety drives up diastolic blood pressure.

Stop work after 8 hours and actually go home on time.

Learn three-part yoga breathing.

Do cat cow every morning to stretch the T12, L1 junction, so that the nerves to your diaphragm flow easily and you can breathe normally throughout the day.

Use Catherine’s Loving Kindness Meditation CD every evening.

Ask Catherine to teach you diaphragmatic breathing so you can practice in the car on the way to work.

Go on vacation.

Stop smoking.

Take up an actual hobby that relaxes you, like fishing, knitting or walking in nature.

Ask Catherine to do body work on your intercostal muscles so that your body can release the years of pent-up stress, anger and anxiety.

Listen to healing music, such as Heart Zones CD by Doc Lew Childre, which can entrain your heart into deeper relaxation.

Did you find a few things you might be willing to do?


Let’s try another one.


20 Ways To Overcome A Gurgling Stomach:


Ask Catherine to run a lab test on your GI system.

Ask Catherine to use kinesiology to test your food sensitivities.

Use Immunomax to rebuild your mucosal barrier.

Use Multiprobiotic to replenish the good bacteria.

Ask Catherine to test to see if you need hydrochloric acid.

Ask Catherine if you need digestive enzymes.

Ask Catherine to use kinesiology to find out if you have parasites.

Stop eating fried foods.

Switch to good fats, including coconut oil, real butter, olive oil and organic nuts.

Go gluten free.

Stop using commercial fiber supplements, which are filled with common food allergens as well as artificial sweeteners.

Ask Catherine to use kinesiology to test all the supplements you are taking to make sure cheap vitamins aren’t making your problem worse.

Chew your food slowly.

Relax after you eat.

Stop microwaving your food.

Get a colonic from a highly trained colon therapist.

Ask Catherine to run a test on your liver function.

Stop overeating.

Stop eating fast food.

Download the free recipes at https://www.totalfitness.net/nutrition%20recipes.htm, and learn how to cook healthy and organic.

Now YOU try. Pick any issue that has been bothering you. Start making a list of 20 ways you could solve that problem. Think outside the box, then destroy your box.


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