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“Treat your body like a temple….. Take good care of your body – It’s the only place you have to live.”


Jim Rohn, Business Philosopher, from his ezine 18th May 2005Client Success: Munchkin Edmunds Loses 12 Percent of His Body Weight

Side Lunge

Side Lunge

The Fat Cat Diet

How would you like it if you were so fat your belly dragged the ground? Or you were so heavy you couldn’t reach around to clean your lower back? Or you coughed uncontrollably, and all around you were concerned how long you would be around?


Such was the fate of Munchkin Edmunds, an orange cat rescued from the Humane Society in Halifax, Viriginia.


Despite eating a carefully controlled diet of scientific food for fat cats with bladder problems, Munchkin had not lost an ounce in four years.


Then in 2004, the professionals at Total Fitness tried a radical new concept: whole foods.


Through kinesiology, we determined the ideal amount of flounder he should eat every day, along with a reduced portion of his fat cat food from the veterinarian.


Result: In one year, Munchkin has lost 2.5 pounds – 12 percent of his starting body weight!


He now weighs in at a mere 18 pounds.


Though there is still plenty of Munchkin to go around, clients report that he swats others less often and seems happier. All this without a change of his exercise program! Our massage therapist, Jeannette Kirkland, had bought him a kitty gym tower. Although it took up a good portion of the living room, it sat there unused, like much home exercise equipment.


The morals of this story are many:


Diets don’t work.

No matter how little you eat, if you are eating food other than what you are naturally meant to consume, the scale may not budge.

If Munchkin can lose weight, anybody can lose weight.


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