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“If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?”

Dogen Zenji

There comes a time in everybody’s life when you know it is time to take the next step forward.


This October, I wrote my second book. It’s called What Is Healing? Awaken The Power Of Your Intuition For Health And Happiness.


Since then, I have been busy with revisions, editing and building a new website to be able to present the new book to you most easily.


I am self publishing my book and hope to have it to you ideally by January or February of 2013, depending on production schedules.


What you will get out of reading this book:

*Learn how unconditional love can awaken your intuitive gifts.

*Reveal how to open your heart to access your highest intelligence.

*Uncover how to communicate with your angels and spiritual guides.

*Awaken your own psychic abilities.

*Identify the key aspects of a medical intuitive reading.

*Explore the five levels of healing.

*Discern how addiction to staying sick can keep you from healing.

*Reveal the blessing behind a mental or physical breakdown.

*Grasp the four key difficulties that lead to health problems.

*Empower your own spiritual growth.


Writing What Is Healing? was a personal triumph. I hadn’t written a book since 1997, when Heartsfire Books of Sante, Fe, New Mexico, published Healing Depression: A Holistic Guide. That book was subsequently picked up by Marlowe and Co. of New York and also translated into Chinese and published in China.


Healing Depression was selected as the official handbook for the Holistic Depression Network that was based in Seattle, Washington.


I was happy that Healing Depression helped so many people. With that book behind me, I went on to deepen my studies of natural healing remedies of all kinds, throwing myself into the practice of applied kinesiology, medical intuitive readings, Reiki, flower essence therapy, Thai yoga body therapy, corrective exercise, yoga, qi gong, Brain Gym, Touch for Health, and working with clients to achieve natural cures for all kinds of ailments.


Encouraged by recent changes in the publishing industry over the last 15 years, I decided this year to write a new book and publish it myself. You’ll be able to purchase What Is Healing? through a new webstore that I am having built for this purpose. The new webstore will also make available a wide range of the very best nutritional supplements that I have private labelled.


If you have enjoyed reading this newsletter, hopefully you will love reading my new book. Please tell your friends that What Is Healing? is on its way. I hope to delight and amaze you.


I have many people to thank for all their love and support during this project. These include writing coach Tom Bird and his very caring assistant Ramajon, my insightful style editor Katimay Harkins, my boyfriend Ken Holmes, my search engine optimization consultant Bonnie Sedan, my coach Sue Maes and my web master Greg Keesey.


I also want to thank all of you who read this newsletter and who keep inspiring me to do my best to teach you at least some of what I have mastered to make you healthier and happier.


Coming Soon: A New Blog, catherinecarrigan.com

If you have been waiting to read new blog posts over the past month, you may have been disappointed. That is because www.catherinecarrigan.com is being rebuilt. When it’s finished, you will be able to access the same great content and also a new webstore. The webstore will have my new book, What Is Healing? Awaken The Power Of Your Intuition For Health And Happiness as well as a wide range of the very best nutritional supplements that I have private labelled.


In the meanwhile, please keep your questions, suggestions for new articles and comments coming. I will be compiling your ideas and will be sure to start adding new content once the new version of www.catherinecarrigan.com is up and running.



All I Want For Christmas


When we were little kids, we made lists of what we wanted Santa to bring us.

As an adult, we may still enjoy our toys, but what we really want deepens as we mature.

You may say to yourself:


I really want a healthy body.

I really want to have more energy.

I really want to be in control of my food, rather than food being in control of me.

I really want to be able to get out of bed in the morning without anything hurting.

I really want to be able to fit into my favourite clothes.

I really want to feel happy again.


If any of this sounds familiar, give yourself a present and make an appointment to come and see me. Decides for yourself that you are actually worth taking care of. My goal is to empower you to achieve your highest levels of health and fitness.


About two years ago, one of my regular clients decided she was tired of not being able to lift her own laundry basket without wrenching pain. She had lived a life that included virtually nothing but work. She became my client, and as they say, the rest is history. She is happier and more fit now than she has ever been.


This year, you could live her same story. You can reach me by emailing Catherine@totalfitness.net or calling 678-612-8816.



Book Review: Enlivened By Faith: Losing Weight With God’s Help


My friend Arian T. Moore is an Atlanta-based fitness nutrition coach, inspirational speaker and mother of two beautiful children. I met Arian years ago when she began publishing Enliven Magazine, a Christian health and fitness magazine.


One of the most telling things in our industry is whether or not a coach practices what she preaches. Arian is one of the most glowingly healthy women you will ever meet. Part of that inner radiance comes without doubt from her eating and exercise program, and the other part stems from the very deep faith that she draws on when she does her work.


Arian told me that she started Enliven Magazine because she was distressed by the high level of obesity in the black community. Publishing her magazine wasn’t just a job for Arian, it was a passionate calling.


“My goal in writing this book is to show you how I lost weight using God’s word,” Arian writes.


Unlike conventional diet books, Arian’s book includes Bible passages and prayers that Arian has written to spur you on your journey.


If you have been reading my newsletters, you will know that attitude is equally as important as your exercise, your rest and your nutrition. Many people lose faith that they have the ability to change their body for the better. I see this all the time in my practice. I am constantly amazed how many people really don’t believe that they can feel so much better. They want their doctors to wave a magic wand with drugs or surgery, little realizing that they own the power of their own health.


“Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper,” Arian quotes from Proverbs 13:4. As we say in church, Amen.


“It’s amazing and somewhat frustrating to me when people ask me to help them lose weight and when I tell them how to do it they say, ‘I didn’t realize it took all of that. That’s just too much,’”Arian writes very honestly.


I like anyone who has the courage to speak truth and wish Arian the very best of success with her book. If you need spiritual inspiration to get out off the sofa and become the healthy person you have always wanted to be, this book is for you.




Book Review: Indestructible Success: Creative Entrepreneurship and the Art of Small Business


I met Seth Braun when he was a guest years ago on my Total Fitness radio show. Seth had written a great book, Healthy Fast and Cheap, about how to cook simple inexpensive and healthy meals.


Seth’s new book is about how to be successful in the challenging world of running a small business.


His book is divided into four sections:


Section A: Discover your dreams and make them real

Section B: Develop your capacity for higher achievement

Section C: Bring your gifts to the world

Section D: Walking the path: life and work as awareness practice


What I like best about Indestructible Success is the spiritual approach that Seth takes to business. Making money is the outward expression of our inner success.


Each chapter contains self study exercises that focus on action steps each of us can take to be better people so that we express our strength more effectively in business.


“Money won’t be a source of joy for you until you determine your values and then align your use of money accordingly,” Seth writes.


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