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Joy Brown’s Story:


Cattelya Orchid In My Studio

Cattelya Orchid In My Studio

“I barely remember when I first appeared at Catherine’s door to see how she could help me – I was in such a dazed and confused state of lethargy and physical distress. In one treatment – her advice helped calm and bring focus and hope to me. After the second treatment I could feel a shift in my energy and understanding, giving me direction and helping me clarify how a feeling of good health might actually return! “Now, in my life following the third treatment, I feel like I have begun a new life. I am joyous again and getting the first indications of building renewed energy and strength. On a day just this past weekend, after a restless night with my toddler niece who was visiting for the night, I spent a long day cleaning out a huge stack of boxes in a part of my home that had been neglected – cooked a home-cooked meal, practiced an hour of yoga, and carried on about the usual housekeeping for a home with a teenager, two dogs, and a rabbit. At 10:00 that night I marveled that I was still looking for more to do and smiled a huge smile over how quickly, with Catherine, energy and zest that I hadn’t seen in years was mine again. Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say.”


Kate Witten’s Story:


“For years I exercised and ate healthy foods, healthier than anyone I knew, and I felt great. Then some things happened in my life and my healthy lifestyle twisted out of control into a full-blown eating disorder. Catherine has helped me regain control over my eating, both what I eat (the blood sugar diet has made my energy level skyrocket) and how much (the fist-sized portion concept is simple to follow). She is also showing me how to work out smarter, not harder. Past sessions with other personal trainers left me exhausted and ravenous. I leave my workouts with Catherine energized and ready for the day, and looking forward to the next session.”

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