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Lee Townsend was already a determined woman when I first met her. She was working out four days a week, eating only about 1,200 calories a day—and when she heard about me, she insisted on finding time to train with me, even though at first I wasn’t sure we could find time.


At age 58, only 5 feet 1 inches tall, it would have been easy for Lee to accept her excess pounds. Many people blame their weight on their age or the fact that they aren’t quite as tall as they would like to be.


We put together an individualized program for Lee that included finding out her ideal body type diet, Peak Performance/Life Coaching training through specialized kinesiology, yoga therapy, and specific breathing exercises to maximize her thyroid and pituitary functions, as she had been struggling with hormonal imbalances. Results? Less than 6 weeks later, Lee has lost 6 lbs. “I’m not having to kill myself,” says Lee, who has been enjoying a combined workout program of yoga, weights, and early-morning treadmill. “I feel so much better. I am not hungry, my sugar levels are even. I am so much calmer than I ever would have been before.” Her advice? “Don’t worry about your weight every day. Just know it’s going to come off!”

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