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Orchids In My Studio

Orchids In My Studio

There is nothing like a job that makes people happy!


I am always so thankful to do what I do. Occasionally, I will drive through the business district of downtown Atlanta and thank God that I have found my own path of service. Here is one testimony from a client who received Thai yoga body therapy as one aspect of his program. We also used nutritional supplements, food allergy elimination, specialized kinesiology, yoga, traditional exercise to repair the back and rotator cuff shoulder muscles and life coaching. When he arrived at my doorstep, Ernesto’s ailments were numerous. I keep my client’s actual symptoms confidential. You can read for yourself his results!


Dear Catherine,


You have made me 16 years younger! My horizons have opened up again to those of a young 20 something about to embark on life’s adventure.


When I started working with you last April you commented that I had my lights turned off. I was sliding down the path of stiff, lethargic and inactive existence that clearly stated that my best days were behind me.


Today I have the energy and vitality of 16 years ago. Today my best days have yet to come. Today I believe that my dreams will become a reality. With your help I have initiated a process of transformation that is truly life enhancing.


During our first meeting you asked me what I wanted to do in our sessions. I remember voicing a desire to create a new business. Your encouraging response was “Let’s get your physical body to regain its strength and later we will see how you can branch out on your own”. At that time I was in so much pain that I could not sit down during the meeting. What I never anticipated was the depth and scope of the physical recovery. Today I feel as strong and full of life as I did when I was 27 years old and not my 43 years of life on the face of this planet. Good to your word, nine months later my body was sufficiently recovered for me to open a new chapter of my life.


In our last session I stated that I felt that I needed to walk alone on my adventure. You have given me many tools and coping techniques but I was not taking responsibility to benefit from them through their regular use. You commented once “It is not what one says that is important but what one does that counts. You need to use the exercises, nutrition, journaling and meditation if you are going to regain your health.” In the month since our last session I have learned the accuracy of your warning.


By the second week of after seeing you last, I returned to eating recklessly, missing my exercises, journaling and meditation. By the end of the week, my energy was depleted and I was back feeling lethargic. You gave me the formula that is customized for my physical, emotional and spiritual needs and all I have to do is use it regularly.


The beauty of this adventure is the never-ending challenges that we face each and every moment. The tools and techniques you taught me have given me the opportunity to decide how to benefit from this challenges. Now it is up to me to craft my life adventure through the diligent use of your teachings.


Your professionalism, caring and willingness to explore new ideas has given me an immeasurable gift of love, hope and enlightenment. Please accept my gratitude as a humble reflection of your outstanding contribution to my wellness.


Best Regards, Ernesto Bergeron

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