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C.B., a beautiful woman in her 50s, was recommended to me by her minister. For seven years, she had struggled with such severe pain in her TMJ that she had lost teeth, was unable to swallow or chew her food.


Thanks to the specialized kinesiology I have been studying with Sue Maes of London, Ontario, Canada, C.B. began to see immediate improvement.


One night, after working with me, she was able to chew her food again. Both her husband and son were astounded.


Because she had planned to have surgery to correct the problem, I advised C.B. about psychoneuroimmunology, the science of using your mind to build up your immune system. Despite the stress of the surgery, she sailed through the procedure and felt calm and at peace before and afterwards.


It was wonderful to see her after she returned, but the muscles and the bones had been cut in her face. Her jaw was crooked, and she was unable to smile.


Once again, I turned to specialized kinesiology, and used acupressure for the bones and muscles in her face. Result: This beautiful woman is now smiling again!

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