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Shannon Shuemake was a typical beginning exerciser who benefited from the sugar eating plan.


She had three common characteristics I see in novice exercisers:


A personal and family history of blood sugar imbalances.

An elevated resting heart rate (average is 72 beats per minute).

A history of gaining weight during stressful work situations.

Shannon’s husband, a former British soldier, was accustomed to running marathons. For him, harder was better. Had Shannon taken the same approach given her situation, she probably would have hurt herself, not lost weight, gotten frustrated and come to the conclusion that dieting and exercising were a waste of time.


I recommended that Shannon use an Acumen Heart Rate Monitor every time she exercised so that she did not overstress her already-stressed biochemistry. She followed the sugar plan for 2 weeks and took supplements to support her adrenal glands. Results: She lost 10 pounds in 7 weeks. Her energy level improved, and the back pain she experienced before she came to me went away.

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