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Chinese Edition, Healing Depression By Catherine Carrigan

Chinese Edition, Healing Depression By Catherine Carrigan

A client of mine in Los Angeles who visits the public library there has found a Chinese edition of my book, Healing Depression: A Holistic Guide. She very kindly copied the cover page and sent me a PDF so I could see it for myself.

My book was the best-selling book of the original publisher, Heartsfire Books, which passed on the copyright to Marlowe and Co. of New York. It came out in 1997.

I was aware that people in other countries were interested in translating the book into other languages, but up until now I did not know until now that this had actually been done.

My book was a labor of love. I joked at the time I could have made more money cleaning toilets at McDonald’s than I did publishing my book, which took me three years to write. I thought to myself as I wrote it, “If I can help even one person avoid what has happened to me, then it’s all worth it.”

Since writing my book, I have empowered more people than I can even count to be able to heal their depression without drugs.

I always like to be positively focused, so I refrain from disparaging psychiatric drugs or the people who dispense them. What I do in the book is explain how to go about healing the mind in a holistic way.

As for myself, I was on lithium and antidepressants for 18 years. I have now been free of these drugs for 18 years, and am all the healthier and happier for having gotten off of them.

My personal goal at the time was to have a free and easy spirit without drugs. Since my father and brother are both medical doctors, I had been strongly discouraged from going drug-free.

I have since also helped countless clients get off virtually every drug you can possibly imagine – high blood pressure medication, pain medication, anti-anxiety medication, ADD medication, drugs for digestive and stomach disorders – I personally couldn’t even list them all. This is on top of empowering my clients to get off illegal drugs like marijuana and legal but debilitating drugs like alcohol. My focus is to teach people how to live healthy, balanced lives in harmony with their true selves.

I am so personally grateful to all the people who have helped me become a healthier, happier person and taught me how to do the same for others. I have now been studying natural healing methods for the brain for 18 years. It is only natural to me to pass on this gift to others and to be happy to see the Chinese edition.


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