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About two weeks ago, I spoke with a client in another city who has been suffering from leaky heart valves, high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm, stress and exhaustion.

Shortness of breath, arrhythmia and exhaustion are common symptoms of valvular heart disease. One of my first recommendations was to follow my FREE videos of breathing exercises on this website.

A few days later, I spoke to her again and asked how she was feeling.

“I’m about 30 percent better,” she reported.

The breathing routine I call Eight Minutes to Inner Peace is a variation of yoga pranayama exercises that I put together to address many common conditions in my clients.

Can breathing exercises help your heart?

  1. When you practice regular controlled therapeutic breathing, you bring your heart rate back into a healthy rhythm. Simply put, your respiratory rate controls your heart rhythm patterns. My client went back to her doctor this past week and in just about a week of practicing pranayama the doctor noted that her improvement. She is scheduled to go to the hospital Tuesday for a procedure to shock her heart rate back into a normal rhythm. Now she wants to ask her cardiologist if this procedure is absolutely necessary.
  2. Yoga breathing brings your heart into entrainment. There’s a natural rise and fall to the breath that occurs. When this happens, you bring literally every biological system in your body into harmony. Your brain and your heart not only work better, they work together.
  3. Pranayama lowers your stress hormones. As you bring your heart into entrainment, you lower the adrenalin and cortisol that are so damaging to your heart. As this occurs, you can think more clearly and your brain produces your own natural anti anxiety and anti depression neurotransmitters.
  4. You increase the flow of oxygen to your heart. You experience more energy.
  5.  Pranayama empowers you to release the subconscious emotions that have made you feel stressed. Many times we know we are stressed but we are not able to fully release the emotions that have made us feel unhappy. Talking can only do so much – the tension resides deep in the body. By practicing the Eight Minutes to Inner Peace breath work routine, you quite literally process repressed emotions. You may feel dramatically calmer and happier without having to hire a therapist or figure out what it was that you let go.
  6. You lower your blood pressure. In just about a week and a half of practicing daily pranayama, my client had lowered her blood pressure so much she is planning to ask her doctor about adjusting her blood pressure medication. As a common side effect of blood pressure medication is depression, in doing these FREE, easy exercises from the comfort of her chair she has helped herself not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.
  7. Eight minutes to inner peace pranayama breath work routine allows you to bring your mind and body into elegant balance. Having studied natural healing remedies for 23 years, I have experienced many other breath work routines that I can only adequately compare to emotional vomiting. The breath work routine I have put together for you for FREE allows you to practice all aspects of your basic breath, move through your supressed emotions and calm yourself down without getting stuck in the trauma.

Even if the cardiologist advises my client to go ahead and have the procedure to shock her heart, by learning the breathing exercises my client now has an easy, drug-free and effective tool to handle the stress of being in the hospital.

Many times in life we find ourselves in challenging situations. By learning quite literally to breathe through these periods, we can expand our capacity to handle life.

What is healing? Healing happens when we learn how to breathe.

If you have been suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, high or low blood pressure or other heart problems, set up an appointment with me today to find out how natural healing can make you feel so much better. You can reach me at 678-612-8816 or by emailing catherine@unlimitedenergynow.com.


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