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Many people who study nutrition know all about calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

But the exciting new research in the field of nutrition is all about healing with phytochemicals – the nutrients you get from fruits, vegetables and super foods.

Here are a few super foods you will want to include in your diet and why they are so great for your brain:

  • Basil. Another adaptogen that allows your body to regenerate from stress. Protect your DNA.
  • Bee pollen. Contain a full spectrum of amino acids that build your neurotransmitters. Yet another very important reason to save the bees!
  • Blueberries. Improve your eyes, which are a natural extension of your brain. Loaded with antioxidants to prevent brain degeneration.
  • Brazil nuts. High in selenium. A natural healing remedy for depression.
  • Carrots. Reduce age-related memory problems and reduce inflammation in your brain.
  • Cilantro. Removes heavy metals from the body. Heavy metals damage your nervous system and brain and are a root cause of degenerative brain diseases.
  • Coconut and coconut oil. Contain medium chain triglycerides, which prevent neurological degeneration.
  • Cordyceps. A mushroom that acts as an adaptogen, which means it helps you adapt to stress and boost your energy.
  • Ginger. A natural anti-inflammatory. It improves your cognitive ability.
  • Goji berries. Prevents and treats Alzheimer’s disease. Loaded with 18 amino acids (the building blocks of your neurotransmitters), 21 minerals and more beta-carotene than any other food on earth. Great for your eyes, which are an extension of your brain.
  • Kombucha Tea. Many people don’t know that over 90 percent of their serotonin is made in their gut. When you include foods that boost your own probiotics, you will have better brain chemistry.
  • Maca Root. An endocrine enhancer and natural healing remedy for depression. An adaptogen that helps you cope with stress.
  • Manuka Honey. The healthiest honey. A natural alternative to table sugar. Has strong natural antibiotic properties.
  • Parsley. Prevents damage to your cells. High in folic acid.
  • Pumpkin seeds. Contain both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Aid memory and brain development. High in magnesium and zinc, they calm the brain and are a natural healing remedy for parasites.
  • Wild caught Alaskan salmon. High in Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Walnuts. Triple melatonin levels. High in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Wow! What if you could let go of depression and anxiety, improve your memory and concentration and have higher energy levels just by eating better?

How to include these brain foods in your diet:

  1. Start your day by making a smoothie that includes some of these brain nutrients.
  2. Look for recipes that include these ingredients. You will find many here on my website at this link.
  3. Include at least one brain-boosting superfood in every meal. You could have blueberries with breakfast, wild caught Alaskan salmon with lunch and cook your dinner with coconut oil.

The key to success is all about education. The more you know what truly feeds your brain, the more you can search out and include these brain-boosters in your diet.

You will avoid the side effects of psychiatric drugs, which authors such as Dr. Peter Breggin  have written about.

Why medicate when you can simply educate yourself and heal your brain naturally?

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