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“Love is, in fact, our most natural state. There isn’t anything we really have to ‘do’ to access love in our lives other than slow down and become present enough to feel and experience it.”


Richard Carlson


Side Lunge

Side Lunge

You want to lose weight, but you pass by your favourite donut shop and suddenly decide you need to pop in.


You would like to make time in your schedule to exercise regularly, but the last time you actually went to the gym, you happened to pick the most excrutiating class and ended up hurting yourself, insuring that you won’t be able to do anything physical for the next several months.


You want to be successful in life, but part of you is afraid you will end up like your father or mother, financially well off but spiritually bankrupt.


These are all examples of psychological reversal. When you are psychologically reversed, one side of your brain wants one thing, while the other side of your brain wants something else. Here at Total Fitness, clearing psychological reversal may be one of the most important things we ever do for our clients.


It’s the A in Attitude. B=ExAxRxN. Your body equals your exercise times your attitude times your rest times your nutrition. Even if you are not just trying to manifest a healthier body, but striving for something far more reaching like spiritual growth, you must clear the psychological blocks that have kept you from being 100 percent committed to achieving your goals. Let’s take the common goal of losing body fat.


Part of you may want to shed the layers of psychological protection, unprocessed emotional baggage and chemical toxins that make up your fat cells. Another part of you may be perfectly comfortable hiding behind your self-imposed wall, not dealing with what is actually bothering you or leaving behind the artificial ingredients that starve your body of what it actually needs to build healthy cells. As I like to joke with my clients, the real question is who is winning – your higher self or your evil twin.


I clear psychological reversal with a simple process from kinesiology. We identify the emotions that are holding you back and find which acupuncture meridians are being affected. Many clients have layers upon layers of emotions that are holding them back. In these cases, I keep clearing the layers of energy until all parts of the brain clearly want the same thing.


How can you tell whether or not you are psychologically reversed?


If you want to lose weight but have not yet succeeded, you are probably psychologically reversed.

If you want to exercise regularly but keep picking workout programs that either don’t work, injure you or that you absolutely hate doing, you are probably psychologically reversed.

It you want to succeed in any area of your life but continue to self sabotage by making the same mistakes over and over again, you are probably psychologically reversed.

What is unique about our work here at Total Fitness is the way we integrate fitness, nutrition and natural healing. Many people offer safe and effective workout programs or sensible nutritional advice, but few practitioners are able to do the critical point analysis necessary to identify where individual clients really need to work.


A critical point is a fulcrum. If you can identify the key areas around which your whole outlook hinges, you can unleash the full power of your ultimate potential. This is why and how we at Total Fitness are able to empower our clients to achieve such exceptional results – not just in health and fitness, but in all areas of life.


10 Common Emotional Patterns I Find When Clearing Psychological Reversal:


Fear of change.

Fear of commitment.

Fear of being sexually attractive.

Fear of feeling your emotions.

Not feeling good enough to achieve your goal.

Feeling like you don’t deserve to achieve your goal.

Addiction to mental, emotional, and physical pain.

Self destructive and self-sabotaging emotions.

Expecting to fail no matter what you try.

Buying into other people’s opinions, rather than living your own truth.

You can watch a fascinating and inspiring 20-minute video of how a Harvard neuroanatomist, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor discovered first-hand how each side of the brain interprets life very differently. Play the video from this link: https://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/229


Medical Intuition Interview



On Tuesday, April 22, at 8PM EST (5PM PST, 1AM GMT), Catherine Carrigan will be a guest on live radio with host, Jean Adrienne, about medical intuition.

You will discover:


What happens during a medical intuitive reading.

The difference between reading body organs and reading the energy system of the body.

The difference between reading body organs and reading the energy system of the body.

How clearing ego blocks can help you access your intuitive guidance.

How to connect to God Source to access intuitive information.

How to read your own body.

More information will be made available at Jean’s website: https://www.inner-speak.com/radio_show.php


The show can be heard live at: https://www.modavox.com/Voiceamericahealth.

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