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“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”


Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Superman On Swiss Ball

At her first session, I recommended that my new client Allison (not her real name) do a lab test for her gastrointestinal system. I had done a medical intuitive reading and found what I believed to be parasites in numerous organs as well as bad bacteria affecting her stomach.


We proceeded to work together, and Allison felt so much better that she took herself off of 4 out of the 7 medications that she had been taking for many years. All of a sudden, she was sleeping soundly, experiencing far less pain and thinking more clearly, even though she was continuing to suffer from extreme stress due to the chronic illness of a family member for whom she is the caretaker.


It was hard for Allison to believe that a lab test was actually necessary. She continued to procrastinate for several weeks. Then she passed an 8-inch worm. Although Allison had been referred to me by her medical doctor, she was dubious until she saw the worm for herself. It was clear with black spots. She could not bear to look at its head. Even though I had warned her, the fact that she had parasites completely shocked her.


She did the lab test the very next day.


I find parasites in my clients through the following three methods:


Medical intuitive readings

Kinesiological testing

Lab testing

Whatever methods I use to find parasites, I encourage people to do lab tests because if a lab can determine which kind of parasite is infecting you, a medical doctor can prescribe a specific medication that will kill that bug. Unfortunately, parasites are quite complicated as there are countless different kinds and different methods are necessary to get rid of each one.


If you have been working very hard to get healthy and are not reaching your goals, it may be important for you to find out if you have parasites.


Although anyone can have parasites, I have found parasites to be especially affecting these types of clients:


Anyone with chronic digestive disorders who do not improve by eating organic foods, avoiding gluten and other pro-inflammatory substances like fried foods and alcohol.

Anyone suffering from eating disorders. I tell these clients that they may not be hungry, but their worms are always hungry. If you just can’t stop eating, you may want to find out if this is what is eating you.

Anyone suffering from chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. You may take the best quality supplements for years, eat organic food, meditate, do yoga, tai chi and qi gong, go to bed on time and deal with your emotions, but if you still feel exhausted and miserable, you will probably want to be tested.

Anyone with chronic food sensitivities. You can eat the most careful diet, avoiding as many as 20 to 25 foods, and still experience chronic gastrointestinal distress if you have parasites.

Believe it or not, mental illness. Many people do not realize that 90 percent of their serotonin is produced in their gastrointestinal tract. I cannot tell you how many of my clients were able to take themselves off antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications after clearing their worms and healing their digestive tracts.

Testing for parasites is often why I have success with people where so many other practitioners get no results.


Once again, you can do acupuncture, visit the best psychotherapist with decades of experience or receive help from the mostly highly trained physical therapists, chiropractors, massage practitioners and psychic healers, but if you are infested, you will continue to suffer.


I learned how to use kinesiology to find parasites from my mentor in healing, Sue Maes of Canada. I have repeated her internship not just once but four times. One year, everyone in her internship had parasites, and I can remember all of us sitting around using zappers, one of the natural methods for eliminating parasites, while studying our healing work. My colleague Ru-tee Block in London, England, told me the story about how she helped a client be able to walk again after getting rid of the parasites in her joints. Needless to say, Ru-tee quickly became that person’s hero!


If you are a natural healer and you do not have a method of figuring this out for your clients, you are missing the boat.


One year a lady came to me for just a medical intuitive reading. I have a very strong passion for helping people get to the root cause of whatever is bothering them and working in partnership to heal completely. The fact that this lady just wanted a medical intuitive reading bothered me, so I called Sue for advice. “How easy is that for you, Catherine,” Sue said to me. “Shut up and just give her the reading.”


So the lady came in. She gave me her name, address and phone number. For the next 2 hours, I proceeded to explain to her what was wrong and what she could do to get better. She had been sick for 15 years and had just spent the previous 2 years diligently working with a local practitioner, who then referred her to a spiritual healer in Florida, who then referred her to me for a medical intuitive reading, as neither one of them could figure out why she wasn’t getting well.


After I gave her the reading, she signed up immediately to be my client. We spent the next year getting rid of her parasites as well as doing deep spiritual work. She was so infested we needed to repeat natural cures not just once but three times. That person is no longer my client as she is finally completely well.


According to the alternative health author Hanna Kroeger, humans may be host to over 100 different types of parasites. Many people think they have to have visited an exotic foreign country to contract them, but that is not the case. You may pick up a parasite very easily by eating sushi or a piece of unwashed fruit, kissing your dog or drinking bad water.


There are five different groups of parasites:



Single cell parasites




Using a medical intuitive reading or kinesiology, I often find parasites in organs that many people do not expect. The most common organs where I find parasites include the liver, the spleen and/or the kidneys. I have found parasites a few times in the brain, and you can only imagine what those people feel like on a mental/emotional level – highly nervous and unable to relax.


Because parasites rob us of our nutrients, we can be taking the best quality vitamins and eating the cleanest, most pure organic food available and still be severely nutritionally depleted.


They also poison us with metabolic waste products that can create a highly acidic environment. If your body chemistry is highly acidic, you will have trouble losing weight no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise.


I myself have personally eliminated at least 5 parasites as well as h. pylori, a class I carcinogen according to the World Health Organization, that is the primary cause of ulcers.


I was doing yoga, meditating, eating organic food and taking tons of supplements and still felt miserable and looked puffy and bloated. People who didn’t know me would suggest I exercise. Little did they know that I was exercising 1 hour 6 days a week and still not looking like your stereotypical fitness professional.


There are many methods of eliminating parasites once you determine you have them. In my view, it is very important to determine which kind you have, because different methods work for different kinds of bugs.


As you can imagine, I am Ms. Natural, and advocate non-drug methods whenever possible. The one place where I am in favour of drugs as a first choice is to get rid of parasites and major bacterial infections that affect the gastrointestinal system, as these things are quite challenging to eliminate.


Natural methods may include herbs and/or the use of a zapper, such as recommended by Hanna Kroeger.


I find that many of my clients have had parasites literally their entire lives, beginning in the womb. They adapt and come to believe that feeling tired, groggy and having a gurgling stomach is somewhat normal.


What signs might you notice if you have parasites?


Grinding your teeth, especially at night

Inability to meditate

Chronic food sensitivities



Weight gain around the time of the full moon



Ovarian cysts



There is no substitute for being ruthlessly persistent until you identify and eliminate the cause of any illness.


Upcoming Seminar: How To Have More Energy



Join me on Saturday, June 18, for a one-day seminar on how to have more energy.


Lack of energy is probably the No. 1 complaint that I hear from my new clients.


What you will learn:


What is energy? You know it when you have it and you know it when you don’t have it, but how can you actually generate more energy?

How to eat for optimal energy.

How to rest for optimal energy.

How to identify and correct emotional drains that sap our energy.

How mind body exercise can give you more energy.

How to use simple self healing techniques to give you more energy.

How to use kinesiology.

What actually boosts your personal spiritual energy.

Cost: $275.


Location: 1951 Northside Drive – see map


Instructor: Catherine Carrigan


Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


For more information, please email Catherine@totalfitness.net or call 678-612-8816.

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