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As we ring in the new year, you may be wondering the best ways to go about attaining your physical fitness goals. According to the American Council on Exercise, there are five components to physical fitness:

Body composition. Healthy body fat ranges for adults include:

Men under 30: 14-20%

Men over 30: 17-23%

Women under 30: 17-24%

Women over 30: 20-27%.

To better assist you in determining a realistic and healthy weight for you, I have purchased a body fat monitor second only in accuracy to underwater weighing. Set up an appointment with me to review your weight goals for 1998 and reassess your diet and exercise program for more optimal results.

Because proper nutrition is a key component to reaching and maintaining ideal body weight, I have become a distributor for Shaklee. Many of you have probably read my articles and book stressing the importance of nutrition. I use Shaklee protein (now in chocolate!) for breakfast and feel confident that you and my other clients are getting the best vitamins and minerals available.

Muscular strength. Douglas Brooks, one of the top trainers in the country with whom I have studied, recommends 1-4 month mesocycles composed of 3-4 week periods of strength training. If you are doing the same old program, ask me how you may be able to change your routine for better results.

Muscular endurance. Each of us needs to build not only absolute strength but also the ability to perform long-term for optimal athletic performance.


Cardiorespiratory fitness. Do you know if you are working out in your optimal heart rate range? Ask me how.


Flexibility. Research proves that no matter what your age, you can always improve your flexibility. A flexible body is stronger, pain-free, and more easily adaptable to physical and emotional stress. Many of you have enjoyed my hands-on PNF stretching and understand how much I can improve your range of motion. To improve your flexibility even further, I became certified in yoga this fall. Set up an appointment to learn how to incorporate the many benefits of mind-body exercise into your daily routine.


To these components, I add a 6th and crucial element: mental fitness. My next Brain Gym seminar is the weekend of Feb. 21, 1998. You may join the class to learn how to use these phenomenal techniques for yourself.

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