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You can boost your immune system naturally this cold and flu season and keep yourself healthy no matter by taking advantage of these natural healing remedies:

  1. Get the mold out. Environment is the most powerful factor in determining your health. If the humidity level is over 50 percent, your home is prone to mold, which will suppress your immune system. For a little more than $10, you can purchase an indoor humidity monitor such as this one. If your home has high humidity, you can test for mold by using test kits such as these. Simple air purification candles can do wonders for clearing mold and lowering the environmental stress from your environment.
  2. Receive Reiki energy healing. Call 678-612-8816 or email catherine@unlimitedenergynow.com to set up an appointment for Reiki. This is a very simple but profound form of hands-on healing. By rebuilding and replenishing your energy body, your energetic defenses can be much stronger. Many people have tears, holes or other kinds of breaks in their energy field that make them vulnerable to all kinds of unseen factors. Strengthening your energy field will improve your immune system.
  3. Use Immunomax. Immunomax is a hypoallergenic, dairy-free source of serum-derived immunoglobulin antibodies and immunoproteins that enhance the immune system. It directly boosts immunoglobulin levels in the GI tract and has been effective against bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungal infections. You can order yours directly at this link.
  4. Drink 10 to 20 ounces of organic juices or smoothies every day. You can find many delicious recipes at this link. Antioxidant levels are measured in ORACs – oxygen radical absorbance capacity. One ORAC destroys one free radical. You can think of your juices and smoothies as putting money back into the bank account of your immune system. The higher your antioxidant level, the better able you will be to fend off all kinds of illnesses.
  5. Take a good Vitamin D supplement. My clients often report to me that their medical doctor has determined they are deficient in Vitamin D. If this is the case with you, join the club! Experts estimate that 85 percent of the population is deficient in Vitamin D. Take this supplement daily, especially during the winter months, to keep your immune system strong.
  6. Get enough sleep and practice restorative yoga, tai chi and qi gong. You rebuild when you rest. If you are constantly pushing, remember that the stress hormone cortisol suppresses your immune system, making you more susceptible to disease. Everything you can do to unwind will ultimately rebuild your immune system. Recognize that there are specific qi gong movements designed to strengthen your immunity. Come to qi gong class on Wednesdays at 4:30. Join our yoga classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m. and Thursday mornings at 11 a.m. If you are not able to attend class, set up an appointment for private instruction by calling 678-612-8816 or email catherine@unlimitedenergynow.com.
  7. Set up an appointment for one-on-one healing. If you find yourself constantly falling sick, you may want to identify the key factors that are suppressing your immune system and learn what natural healing remedies you can use to restore yourself. If you have had two or more colds in the past year or taken successive rounds of antibiotics, more than likely you are immunosuppressed and you will need to rebuild yourself. I can do a medical intuitive reading and use kinesiology to determine what is right for your body.

What is healing? Healing happens when you take care of your immune system so that you don’t get sick in the first place.

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