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Yoga Mudras

Now you can get specific tips about how to get leaner faster. We recommend you view them before starting a new exercise program.


List of Exercises

Click on one of the exercises below to be taken directly to the video.

1. Abhayaprada18. Mida-no Jouin
2. Ahamkara19. Mukula
3. Akash20. Mushti
4. Anjali21. Prana
5. Apana22. Prithivi
6. Bhutadamar23. Pushan
7. Buddha24. Shankh
8. Budhy25. Shunya
9. Chin26. Surabhi
10. Dhyana27. Ushas
11. Ganesha28. Uttarabodhi
12. Hakini29. Vajra
13. Jnana30. Varada
14. Kapitthaka31. Vitarka
15. Kubera32. Yoga
16. Linga33. Yoni
17. Mantangi




















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