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Clear Your Emotional Body With Bellows Breath

Bellows Breath, or Bhastrika Pranayama as we call it in yoga, will allow you to clear your emotional body. Clearing your emotions is one of the most important things you can ever do for your overall health, as our emotions can shut down the functioning of literally...

Circular Breathing Makes You Feel Happy

“Controlling the breath, and thus claiming the nerves, is  a prerequisite to controlling the mind and the body.” Swami Rama One of the quickest ways to feel happy is through the pranayama technique called circular breathing. You can learn how to do this...

Exhale And Let It All Go!

If you listen carefully to a person who is highly stressed, they frequently don’t exhale properly. When we exhale, we have the opportunity to let go of stress and tension at a very deep level. Failing to exhale properly is a common symptom of high blood...

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Fitness, Nutrition, and Healing information


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