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7 Ways to Beat Fatigue

You’ve noticed your energy has lagged, but your day looms ahead. You have to keep going. Your job, your kids, there’s so much to do and so little time to get it all done. You need to get your energy level up but you only have a few minutes. What can you do...

Raw Food Berry Pie

Many people think that “healthy eating” equals “boring.” Including a few raw food desserts in your diet is a great way to satisfy your subpersonality the Inner Child. This is the part of you that would rather be eating chocolate, ice cream and...

How to Overcome an Anxiety Attack

You can overcome an anxiety attack, no pills required, with this simple breathing routine I’ve put together for you for FREE. I call it Eight Minutes to Inner Peace, and it’s a routine I teach all my clients suffering from anxiety disorder. You can watch...

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Fitness, Nutrition, and Healing information


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